You Can stay fit, be active and stay healthy with very little effort really. It simply takes a little ingenuity and focused planning to include enough activity into your daily routine. Incorporate fitness minded thinking into your daily activities and reap the benefits of a lift in your energy and a boost to your health.


It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or if you spend your days at the office. You can turn a routine day into a workout and reap the benefits to your health and heart. I have come up with a few ideas that may help and you can even get your own creative thinking going and I’m sure you can include a little routine workout into your day.

The Housework-out 

It requires a little personal discipline to get used to the routine and it also helps to focus and accomplish this multitasking with ease. While you do your dishes( I do mine by hand) use a sponge for washing( easy on hands) and count reps of similar movements as you wash and rinse away. Do short reps and alternate hands to accomplish muscle and joint action over both sides of your upper body. When you stop to dry it is simple to outstretch and do a couple of shoulder rotations to stretch out everything.

While you sweep or vacuum, use the same idea and alternate arms. also, be sure to set the wand on the vacuum at a comfortable height so you do not irritate your lower back. Stop to do a few reaches in between rooms and give the shoulders a rest. Always remember to alternate from side to side as to keep the body tone even and not cause any cramps.

This rotating technique as you flow through your housework should become like second nature to your cleaning routine after a short time. You can do your dusting and polishing in the same manner and always remember if your hurting in whatever position you are, get up and stretch it out.

My Home-gym

There is no need to spend money and who has the time to go to the gym every day? I use my home as my gym. You can use all sorts of handy things around your home to do your workouts or any exercise. A can of soup can replace a free weight and a set of stairs is better than a stepper and achieves the same results. If you have your home set up with a free flow atmosphere throughout then you have a perfect walking track. You can do laps in and around the house a few different times during the day. Stairs are great for step aerobics.

If you have a piece of nylon or any boat rope, you can rig up a pulley for sitting on the floor and rap the rope loosely around the door handle to perform shoulder stretching exercises. As well as tie large elastic bands to the arm of the chair and use for resistance pulls.

 Exercise @ home

You can use a decent non-slip carpet or a thick quilt as a mat to practice yoga stretches and meditation exercises. Most people enjoy the idea of being in the privacy of there own home to do any sort of workout program and with today’s technology, it is so much easier to accomplish. There are numerous digital and audio programs available to purchase from meditation music to yoga for beginners programs and charts to follow.

Try to include at least 30 minutes/ day of breathing exercises to thought focusing techniques blended with a generous amount of yoga exercises to obtain an energetic approach to a healthy lifestyle.



Office Exercises

When you spend most or your day in the office at the desk, exercise can be a challenge, sometimes.

There are different techniques you can practice to exercise sufficiently and accomplish amazing results when practiced regularly. With a combination of mind focusing, meditation and muscle tension control, and breathing exercises, you can perform a mini office workout throughout your breaktimes at the office. Try to focus on muscle control and breathing techniques as a pair they work well. Of course, this requires meditative focus and mind affirmation to block out surrounding distractions. This improves over time and is easier to achieve with practice. It is truly an amazing feeling to block your surrounding disturbances and focus on the intentions of the inner mind.

For some tighter abs, you can concentrate on flex and relaxation techniques for core muscle enhancement(flatter tummy). remember to breathe as you perform these exercises so you prevent a strain on the heart and lung muscles. In through the nose and out through the mouth at a relaxed and comfortable rate.

This can also be performed while doing any walking routine for cardio and fitness results.

Of course, there are other fitness opportunities when working at the office. You can park a distance from the entrance to offer a chance to flex-walk into the office. And of course, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Just remember to practice breathing and work at a comfortable pace. Maybe even throw in a couple of flex exercises. That can be focused on so many different muscle groups to be totally used to your advantage.

Oh yes, always remember to use your briefcase to your advantage as well. Rotate carrying and elevate up and down as much as comfortably possible to get the full fitness effects.

Stay Active, Keep thinking health-minded

I am personally an active person, both mentally and physically. I have a need to keep moving because my brain never

stops. I get bored when stagnant. Once you train your mind to be health conscious and actively focused on working and functioning actively, the benefits can be endless. When the routine becomes a normal focused health-minded thought pattern on a daily activity there is no better feeling of achieving the health benefits of living with more energy and less stressful mind cluttering then we need.

One practice I do to help stay focused and it curb’s my craving for knowledge, I read, lot’s of stuff. Thing’s that interest me and some thing’s I am just curious about. Either way, it helps me stay focused by forcing me to concentrate on what I am reading in order to retain the information. This then helps too, even if it may be briefly, forget everything else which helps the mind to subconsciously sort stuff out. Mind focus and clarity are a critical part of a healthy focused happy life. I hope that some of these ideas help to get you going on your way to achieving a focused, healthy and happy life 

If you have any comments or stories to share feel free to leave them, I will respond as soon as possible.

Have a Happy Day!


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  1. Great post-Catherine! I’m all about health and fitness. It’s one of my main focuses in life! Very useful information, it really doesn’t have to be over complicated to stay fit and healthy.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Billy

      Thank you for your encouragement. Physical activity is not a complication
      and how we choose to move our body is a freedom that should be enjoyed by all.
      This is why I choose to help people learn of different techniques to include
      a general level of fitness into their life.
      Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Have a Happy day.


  2. Great post-Catherine my wife has been doing similar exercises at home and knows how easy it can be to include simple exercises to increase activity and ultimately become fitter even though she goes to the gym 3 times a week.
    Look forward to seeing more posts.

  3. I so agree Catherine about keeping your mind busy if you can, my three kids keep me very busy lol but not always the best kind for my mind.
    You have some great insight and I look forward to reading more as you post.

    1. Oh, I would imagine those little ones keep your mind running.

      I remember the hustle with mine. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
      Glad you enjoyed the read. Keep smiling.

      Have a happy day

  4. So AWESOME ideas for around the home and office. We should now realize that a little work goes a long way. I do however some things as well. I walk when I mow the lawn in the summer. I also shovel the snow, when it comes.

    As far as the office “workout.” I use an exercise ball to sit on instead of a chair at least one or two days a week, This helps with posture and tightens the cord.

    Some folks don’t realize how beneficial a little everyday exercise can be. To be totally honest. I am personally up and down with focusing on this little benefit.

    Good information. I hope other folks reading learn at least a little.

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