Personal Reflection

When it comes to self-care in our life, I truly believe that most of us really miss the mark on this one.

Sure we all practice good hygiene and friendly faces to and fro in the general commute on a daily basis.

We tend to fall into the imposed perception of a happy life. We don’t always take the step’s that play a large roll in ourself caring for what we actually need, ourselves.

A major benefit of caring for yourself on a routine and daily basis is a huge step towards a healthy and happy life.



 Stress Management 

There is a list as long as the day of stressors that affect anyone in a number of different ways.

The grind of daily life carries a large responsibility and when you throw in the workplace stress with financial worries and kids in sports while maintaining a sane mind …..well you could say that can wear you down.

That is why it is so important to make time to relax and tend to yourself and practice some stress management skills.



There are a wide variety of ways to do this such as meditation practices and yoga for the relaxation it provides for our body to relieve stress as well as our mind.

A combination of these two techniques can be an ideal way to relieve anxiety and depression as well as stress.

When we understand the health benefits of managing the fast-paced stress in our daily life it can help us achieve a happier environment to live within.

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  1. Hello Catherine,

    I have one friend in particular I am going to bring to your site because she needs to read what you have written here. I am hoping to see much from this site going forward because my friend needs a program of positivity and self care.

    I enjoyed this intro article, as it is my first one to read from you site, and so I will be back with some people that need their heads straightened and to learn to look after themselves better.

    1. Hello Phil and thank you for these kind words.
      I do appreciate the sharing and I am sure all will be inspired to indulge in some clarity of the mind.
      Our life can flow so much easier when we have the ability to stay focused and energetic.
      There will be plenty of healthy minds and emotional health information to share.
      If there is one thing I always encourage, Never Give Up. Persistence Pays.
      Have a Happy Day

  2. A great start to your site, very organised and structured layout of both the design and content, good job. Make sure to include social media pins in your content so people can follow them too! Also, some people don’t like to see the privacy policy in the main menu so you could just include it at the bottom of your page, promising site though!

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