The Nature of Healing

When it comes to the nature of our body and the level of healthy living that we attempt to maintain, it is not always easy to understand why certain things happen.

As we grow and learn to understand how the cellular function of our system works, then we are able to make healthier choices to achieve and maintain optimum health. This is based on the idea that our body goes through cellular and metabolic changes at all three stages of growth.

The 3 stages being, birth to puberty, then puberty to adolescence and finally the later years(aging).

That is why it is important to be aware of our body and mind in a health-conscious manner in order to achieve optimum health.

If we do not maintain a healthy nutritious diet, at least at a common sense level, then our body Naturally tries to fight back.

Now winning this battle depends on how healthy we are at a cellular level as well. When you eat a healthy diet and stay actively focused we sometimes never have any health issues until later in life. This is usually when we have worn out certain parts of the body and our cellular structure can experience changes, this affects our metabolic state as well as cellular.

We may notice some stiffness in our joints or ache in some muscle tissue. Or just feeling tired from our body constantly fighting pain. This is not always a major issue to some but to me it is. This means our body is lacking something and it is a good idea to pay acute attention to this in order to help live out the rest of our lives as healthy and active as possible.

Now some would turn to a doctor and end up being prescribed a medication to “possibly” help with the issue.

Then you deal with,(possibly) your body trying to accept this new “medicine” that you’re putting into your body. Or having an allergic reaction to “something” in this “medicine”. Everyone is different.

Oh, I’m not bashing the Pharmaceutical Companies by no means. They have come up with some amazing “pills” to assist in many different areas of our healthcare.

The issue here is, our bodies are made with all the chemicals and nutrients we require when we are born. It is our environment that can and will affect how we maintain this healthy level of our cellular make-up.

So it is our responsibility to learn, observe and know your body. Know how and when it is functioning at our healthiest level possible. We really need to know our own body in order to judge when something is right or wrong for ‘your’ body.

Your doctor does not know your body the same as you do. You live in it, not them.

I have had to learn this the hard way. You see, those pharma’s that are man-made are not always going to be accepted by your body. Some contain synthetic or molecular based man-made nutrients,(Genetically Modified Organics).

For some reason, my system knows and flat out refuses them in any way possible to extract them from my system. Not fun 🙂

They can cause moderate to severe and in some case’s, life-threatening issues. I have experienced this personally and it is scary, to say the least. I am not a lab rat and my body has told me this in numerous ways. Heck, I even wake up during surgery (Wow, what an experience), even after being administered a higher than normal dose of anesthetic. My body just simply refuses it.

That is my reason for exploring and practicing natural healing and herbal remedies. There are amazing options available. You just need to understand how each option works and make an educated choice.

As I am aging and overworking my body, I have experienced the aches and pain that goes along with it. I am in my early stages (over the hill) of my midlife and generally do experience the aching and swollen sore joints and muscles. I cannot take the Pharma meds that would normally be prescribed by my doctor or can be purchased off of the shelf. My doctor won’t even write it out, because he knows they won’t work for me.

I have made it a part of my daily routine to use natural remedies to deal with my discomfort. 1/3 of a tsp Turmeric, one crushed clove of garlic(peeled, skinned and crushed well w/ a 1 min airing time), and honey are a quick and helpful antidote for these inflammation issues.

For some people, this will only work on some low level of discomfort, but if your pain is severe, this takes at least 2 weeks before you begin to notice any real relief from the mixture. Not everyone can wait for this relief and with the world scientist’s making new discoveries every day, they now have other alternative’s to turn to. Such as the muscle and tissue relief that comes with ingestion or smoking of the cannabis plant.

The remarkable relation to the benefits to the circulation of our cells and oxygen within our body from these discoveries. There has been extensive studies and tests performed in recent years to prove and verify the healing benefits of this plant. I have now experienced the benefits of this new healing plant and I believe the “new” future of natural healing is on the fast track, finally.
If you find that you or someone you care for is suffering from similar “pharma” issues, you too can learn more and experience the alternative Natural healing relief.


I also practice some traditional healing methods as well, such as meditative healing and Cannabidiol stress management. A must for any rheumatoid and arthritic ailments. When you have a focused mind and the stretches involved with Yoga, the benefits are amazing.

Always remember to Never give up!

Have a Happy Day!


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