Mental Clarity

When we have our mental chemistry and health operating at full mental capacity. If we are persistent in eating proper brain foods which easily are combined with our daily meals. Blended with a combination of balanced meditation and exercises, we can easily maintain mental clarity.

This ideal level of mental clarity provides us with the ability to function in a productive organized daily routine and with a level of well being to enjoy a healthy state of mental awareness within today’s stress-ridden society.

Occasionally some of these things can get out of control a bit and can create what is referred to as,

Doldrums“.    This is when a person is feeling a lack of confidence or awareness and can lead to signs of depression and feeling low. There are many ways to deal with this sort of mental drain. You should always act quickly to maintain a certain level of mental awareness in order to avoid more serious health effects.

As you know Mental Health is described as, A person’s level of psychological, emotional and social well being.

There are many factors that play a role in our state of mental health.

Biological – both neurological and brain chemistry along with genetics (bloodline)

Life Experiences– Psychological abuse, bullying, and trauma

Family History of Mental Health– ‘Children learn what they live,  and Live what they learn.’
or  ‘You can only be as smart as your teacher’

These may sound a bit like cruel statements, but I believe them to be amazingly logical words given the time they have remained and been repeated

Family history plays a large role in everyone’s Mental Health. Some good, some not so good. Regardless, it’s there. We all deal with it. That is all the more reason to strive for a balanced healthy well being in order to maintain a strong Healthy Mind and Body. The machine will malfunction if the motor does not run well.

Tips to Improve Focus and Clarity

Physical Activity– It is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity. This can be all done at once or broken down into intervals of 10 minutes 3/day or 15 minutes 2/day. It’s your choice as long as it’s 30 minutes/day of physical, get up and move yer keester for this amount of time daily. You can rotate different activities through your week and cover many different workouts within the week.
This helps with circulation and other health-related benefits

Practice Mindfulness– This most definitely improves mental well being. There are numerous practices and techniques for meditation and Yoga. In order to achieve mental clarity, I have personally experienced the benefits of a combination of Yoga(for beginners) and meditation w/nature audio sounds. Very calming and loads of physical and mental stress relief.

Change How You Think about multitasking and practice organizational skills. Sometimes if you have children involved with your daily organizing it can either help or hinder your progress. I remember teaching my children organizational skills and the importance of maintaining things for ease of daily routine. For example; when my children got home from school they were to grab a snack and they had a couple of hours to organize and maintain their domain in the house. (Their rooms) All this went on while I organized my domain(pretty much the entire downstairs of the farmhouse). They would munch the snacks, clean their room and do any homework, while I was downstairs doing my homework(college), cooking dinner for everyone, cleaning house in general. We all gathered at the dinner table and Pa was home by then, enjoyed a healthy meal as a family and conversations were always encouraged to share views and experiences of the day. Oh yes, I had a job as well.

Now, most people would say “pfh, that’s crazy. No way”. Well, I am not one to shun a challenge and I knew if things happened a certain way around the household that we as a family could cope and make it happen. Lead by example, when it comes to kids. Be persistent and don’t accept the chaos they try to present when they rebel.

There is an abundance of ways to learn how to control your reaction to anything through mental clarification and techniques to destress your mind daily. There are simple breathing practices you can learn and programs and products to achieve a strong confident mind.

Your peak productivity

Learn what your peak productivity time of day is. Everyone has a certain time of day that they perform at their best. They feel more alert and able to perform simple tasks with ease and comfort that contribute to a smooth calm and healthy well being. You will notice if you do not get a proper rest or maintain a healthy diet, these peak times can often seem shorter some days. Stop stressing your mind and body!

As you practice a combination of relaxation and mind clarity techniques, along with eating proper healthy, brain healthy, real food. You will notice a difference in your peak and low-performance levels on an individual level. Learn that the more health conscious about your mind and body, the higher your peak levels will go.

Using a calendar to monitor your energy is simple. Write down the time and what level you feel you reached your peak and how long you think it lasted. Chart this behavior as you make changes in your activity. If you are determined to do it you will notice a difference within weeks.

Practice a positive attitude and positive thinking to help encourage a healthy well being.

Living a happy healthy life is easily achievable with a strong healthy mind and body.

Never Give up…

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  1. Hi Catherine,

    Poor mental health can hinder a person’s progress through life’s twist and turns. I too concur that it is important to take time out for your self, by eating right and physical exercise. Yoga is an awesome choice to relieve stress. Love the comment you made about “…get up and move yer keester”.

    Great article and effort!

    All the Best for Success!

    1. Hello Paul

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed this post.

      There will be more in the near future to inspire you a little more

      I thank you for your support and kind words


  2. Catherine,

    I enjoyed reading this post. I have always wondered why we have such a variety of “peak productivity times.” Personally, I find that I have different types of mental energy that peak at different points in the day. For example, I cannot deal with people in the early morning, but I am most productive in tackling solo projects during that time. My worst time to make ground on solo projects (like writing) is in the middle of the day, but I can deal well with communications for meetings and presentation. It is good to remember these peaks when I have control over planning my daily tasks, which is not always the case.

    Thanks for the guidance!

    1. Hello Rachael

      So glad you found the article helpful.

      Yes, we all have our ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ throughout our day,

      But if you combine a healthy mind with a healthy body it can

      be very easy to achieve a positive mindset.
      Clarity and productivity go hand in hand

      Know yourself to good health.

      Have a great day
      and come back soon for more helpful article’s


  3. This is wonderful! Thanks for your advice. I have two little ones so this is can be a struggle at times. I would love any recommendations on meditation music if you have any?

    1. Hello Amber

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

      I myself enjoy nature and forest life audios.
      Some people prefer different types of instrumental music.
      When it comes to choosing meditation music it is purely an experience in itself.
      May I suggest you explore the various type of sound to see how your mind and body react.
      As you well know our mental and physical response to various sounds can differ.
      Some cause a chaotic mind response which in turn affects us physically,
      While other softer and more subtle sounds such as a harp can be very calming.

      I hope this helps to get started with your personal journey.

      Be sure to return for more helpful anything. 🙂
      Never give up

      Have a happy day


    1. Hi Nick

      Thank you for your enthusiastic comment and I’m happy you
      asked about guided meditation.

      I am learning tons of helpful meditation techniques myself.

      I have been checking out this website for everything I need

      You can learn more from The absolutely amazing articles and personal coaching
      as well as purchasing their products for private home study. This company offers
      a free trial as well, so you can check it out to see if it works for you.

      I hope this helps and
      Have a Happy Day!


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