You Can, If You Want To…

I am going to be straight forward with everyone here.

I have one very unhealthy habit/addiction that I am currently changing, Smoking.

And this has led me to do a sort of ‘review’ on the topic.

I have discussed things with my doctor and I did actually attempt a ‘new’ more natural pill with no success and what

felt like a heart attack within 48 hours.

Due to the fact that ‘Pharma” pills do not work for me, I have attempted a couple of different options and have not had much success.

The most recent was with the counselor along with, following a program with the Nicotine patch and some Lozenges.

Well let’s just say, I was experiencing success as long as I stayed focused and not too much stress.

As soon as the stress level went up due to some medical issues and a job (haha, J O B), I lost focus and went right back to smoking and stress’n like I never tried to stop at all.

So, now that I have had some time to reflect a bit on my past attempts to accomplish something, I have come to a conclusion on the topic of quitting smoking.

I am giving it a different point of view and learning about myself in the process because I know this is the last time I will have to challenge myself for this reason.

I just changed the recipe for success.

4 Main Ingredient’s to Quit Smoking made Easy


1. Reward yourself

Every day you smoke 1 or even 2 fewer cigarettes than you did the day before is another step towards your goal.

If you keep an affirmation page,( a simple sheet of paper to list your daily praise for yourself. ie: 2 less smoked today! You rock!) this could help encourage your daily decrease of smoking. (post it on your refrigerator weekly for Focus)

Then at the end of the week, think of a special treat you will get for yourself from the $money$ you save from quitting, and Write this on the bottom of the sheet then, Buy yourself something special. Like Ice cream and walnuts, Mmmm!

You deserve it!


2. Snack

Sometimes along with quitting the addiction of the substance we need to change the addictive habits that go hand in hand with each other.

A great and healthy way to treat this, keeping your hands busy, is to feed your body with the healthy fruits and nuts you need to help your system eject the addictive toxins and replace it with nutrition.

Keeping healthy snacks in the fridge or cupboards is a good idea. Grapes, watermelon, kiwi, rice chips, dried cereal(low sugar content pls), There are tons of healthy choices.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

When you crave or have the habitual need to hold something in your hand and put it in your mouth, at least it’s something healthy and boosts your chances of success.

It’s normal for smokers to experience nervous energy during the first few weeks (sometimes months, depends on your willpower) of quitting.


Eating dried fruits, nuts, or sugar-free gum help to deal with these short-lived withdrawal symptoms, (usually last for 5 to 15 minutes at a time) easy to beat when your ready and focused to deal with.

These can be looked at in a positive aspect. It means you are succeeding and getting closer to your ultimate goal of being Smoke-Free! Great news, right?!


3. Stay Positive & Focused    

Remember ‘Rome was not built in one day’.

Set goals and perform the positive actions to make these goals achievable ( do it now).

Sometimes it is better to work on things with small steps first. After a day or two then boost up the changes.

Make a conscious effort to focus on how you are feeling emotionally and physically, and, if you have to then write it down.

Find distractions and practice mind clarity (read to help focus) to relieve the anxiety or stress that some experience with the changes we experience due to the brain repairing and growing stronger.


4. Go easy

Remember not to get frustrated or judgemental on yourself. Don’t let your emotions control you and stay positive.

You are making a major change for your mind (psychological ) and your body (physical )so, you will experience both physical and psychological effects from the lack of addictive toxin *you have trained yourself* to accept.

When you accept that fact and have made a choice to succeed, the process is smoother to get through.

If you trained yourself to accept this toxin in the first place, you have the ability to train your body (physical) and mind (psychological) to NOT accept it.

When you approach this with a positive attitude and change the way you think about your success, be focused and retrain your mind and body again.

Set daily targets and stay focused.

I mean, if you succeeded once, you can do it again. And don’t quit trying if you have a slip-up.

Success takes positive action.

Be reasonable but, be determined and you will reach your goal.

Never give up!

My goal is for this to inspire you to take control of your life, set goals and impose positive action to accomplish them.

Feel free to comment

Have a Happy Day!

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