Hello Spring…

Spring is in the air and with the sunshine and warm weather coming on I get the urge to get outside and be a little more active.

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After a long cold winter of dwelling around indoors, or running to the gym every other day, it is not unusual to be literally craving some outdoor activity to boost the happy in your day.

This is because our body requires a daily amount of fresh air and sunshine. It is beneficial to obtaining our daily infusion of Vitamin D & E from the sun. It also induces cell growth and helps with other nutrients the sun provides for our skin.

Of course, this is generally recommended in small doses as not to promote any abnormal cell growth.

Getting outdoors and getting into some motivational activity is definitely a healthy choice for our physical and mental well being.

A most popular choice for the season is to participate in some sort of health regime with the goal of getting fit for summer. These ideals usually include some sort of diet changes and other ‘shocks’ to our body in order to achieve a certain level of satisfactory accomplishment.

One way to approach the spring activity rush is by setting what experts refer to as a SMART goal. According to experts, when the efforts of goal setting are given a SMART approach, success rates are increased dramatically.

The SMART approach being, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based.

As you decide on what you wish to accomplish, in order to be health conscious and safe for you, try to be sure it will pass the SMART test:

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So get out and get motivated!

  • S– Set a very specific goal.- For example, I will add one fruit or vegetable serving to my daily diet.
    equivalent to, half a cup, chopped.


  • M– Utilize a means to Measure your daily progress and write it down daily.
    ‘ I will keep track of my efforts each day on my calendar’


  • A– Set Achievable goals -.Always be sure your body is physically able to safely reach your goal.
    If your goal is to exercise more than, aim for a smaller point of your goal. For example, try adding a couple of reps to a certain workout or add a couple of extra minutes to a workout. Smaller goal and easily achievable.


  • R– Be Realistic.-Remember to be realistic when goal setting. For example, you may need to quit smoking or shed some
    weight. These are major goals and take more effort to accomplish. Try taking on big challenges in small portions so the
    goal is more achievable in the long run. Larger goal setting isn’t as successful as choosing a goal
    you’re more confident you’ll be able to accomplish. Focus on smaller successes, such as eating an
    additional serving of fruit or vegetables every day rather than overhauling your diet all at once: if you
    picture a 10-point scale of confidence in achieving your goal, where 1 equals no
    confidence and 10 equals 100% certainty, you should successfully land in the 7-to-10 zone.

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  • T– Set Time commitments.- Pick a date and time to start and do it Such as, on Wednesday at breakfast, I will add frozen blueberries to hot oatmeal or cereal. Also, try to include regular check-in dates: Actively monitor and chart your progress every week and decide if you need to make any changes in your routine to succeed. When setting commitments, outside deadlines can be really helpful.- Signing up for a charity run or spring
    triathlon on a certain date encourages you to get a training program started and stick to it.



Another way of setting and achieving your fitness goals for Spring is to get a SMART Partner!

Some days can be a little tough to get the motivation to get that workout into our day.

It helps if you have a good friend or a reliable partner to encourage and remind you of a set workout schedule.

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Maintaining a low-stress lifestyle and an active life leads to less risk of illness or injury and damage to our body.

Living an active healthy lifestyle has all sorts of health benefits for you. Keeping fit and a proper healthy diet can help
promote mental clarity & focus to encourage greater health and well being as well as a benefit to us for years to come.

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