Daily Activities to help Fight Depression and Stress


Remove the mask.

On a daily basis, we wake in the morning and follow a numbing routine of carrying out our day with the same emotions as if it was a chore to proceed.

This can ultimately lead to those “Duldroms” I have recently mentioned.

These thoughts can wear down even the strongest minds at times. I have discovered that there is a way to overcome these “Doldrums” of the sort with a little routine I try to follow with purpose. My purpose.

The purpose to be real to me. I choose to be my own individual and do my own thing to achieve a sense of satisfaction with myself.

I don’t follow the masses but I do work diligently to accomplish my daily goals confidently.

Build Confidence 

Every morning when you rise to face your day, Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself(with affirmation if needed), all the things that you are grateful for and the confidence in yourself to proceed with your day.

Avoid negative thoughts and boost your confidence in YOU, because you matter

Self Awareness

Learn to realize when you feel a bit overwhelmed and take a “you” break. This is a large part of self-care and a healthy mental capacity.

Do not wait until the pressure point is past and walk away from negativity and closed minded people.

They are toxic to your well being and you do have total control over how You react to them.

Take a breath and a break when you need one.

Self Discipline

Make an honest effort to be patient and express gratitude.

Give forth your best effort and appreciate what you accomplish towards your goals daily.

Spend time during your day with the people you love and relish in happiness and joy as this helps create the right chemicals in your brain to help defeat depression.

 As they say, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

Physical Activity 

Try to give an effort to get your body physically moving on a daily routine. Make an effort to perform at least 20 to 40 minutes per day of physical activity.

Activity can be broken down into 10 to 15minute intervals throughout your day.

Even if it is just walking up and down a set of stairs(at a steady but relaxed pace) in your home or building to get you moving.

This helps improve your oxygen and blood circulation through the body and promotes mental clarity.

When we fail to include physical activity as a part of the daily routine, we tend to feel less alert and not so healthy as the joints and muscles within go stagnant.

It is often stated that “Motion is the Lotion for achy joints and muscles”


Always try to be open-minded and energetic.

When you share a positive attitude with patience and love. when you show gratitude for the people and things that inspire us to move forward with confidence.

It is possible to fight and defeat depression on a personal level.

Take small steps toward being a better person and appreciate your own abilities, big or small.

You can achieve a healthy well being and maintain a focused mind.

Always love yourself first.

If you find this difficult to grasp at any point in your day, Just remember the reflection you had words with that morning. Focus.

A healthy focused mind leads to a healthy well being.

Sleep it off

At the end of the day, it is good to sit for a few minutes and reflect a little.

It helps when you need to face yourself in the morning. Realize your accomplishments and think positive.

It doesn’t hurt to toot your own horn once in a while. Treat yourself with a nice hot bath and some soft music.

Just close your eyes and let the music absorb you into relaxation. This type of meditative technique also helps to release the good brain vibes to help make a body and mind feel like one.

Another great technique is to grab a good book and read for 30minutes(if it takes that long) before you sleep.

This will help declutter your brain from the days’ activities and helps to focus.


In Life We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments.
Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!


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Happy day. 🙂